Microgreens Grow Kits Selling at Farmers Markets

Thomas the cat napping

Sleepy Thomas on a hot afternoon.

We’re now entering the dog days of summer…

Hot mid-day temperatures make many of us long for a cool, shady little spot out of the heat. The kale, spinach and lettuce– all the cool weather veggies– are all picked and enjoyed from the garden.  It’s been a good year, experimenting with raised beds and hugelkultur mounds as a way to garden on our rocky mountainside.

And our Microgreens Grow Kits are selling well at the first two farmers markets since launching the new product!

The kits contain grow trays, seed, organic potting soil mix and a food safe spray bottle– enough to grow two cycles of the six vegetable varieties that make up our popular “Balanced Blend.”  We’re proud to say that half of the profits from the sale of the kits will go toward placing free Grow Kits in an elementary of middle school.  We feel strongly about helping teachers demonstrate to their students where their food comes from and to develop healthy eating habits before the fast food world consumes them.  The sales from the first two farmers market appearances will support the first free kits to a classroom.  Stay tuned, as we will document which schools and classrooms are the recipients.

Kits can be purchased at our current farmers markets or online.  Here’s our up-to-date list of current farmers markets.

Here’s our store page that gives more information about the kits.