About Microgreens


What are Microgreens?
Microgreens are seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs.  They are simply miniature versions of mature plants. They may be small, only 3–5 inches tall, but they pack a powerhouse of essential nutrients and important phytochemicals. These delicious tiny plants contain 4 to 40 times the nutritional value of the exact same plant at its fully matured stage. (View the USDA AgResearch Magazine article, “Specialty Greens Pack a Nutritional Punch” and the monograph of the original research results here.)

microgreens nutrition article from WebMDWhy use Microgreens?
The average adult should eat FOUR to FIVE CUPS of fruits and vegetables every day. Do you? Microgreens supply intense amounts of essential nutrients, antioxidants and even proteins. Click here for more nutrition info.  Plus, you won’t encounter the contaminants that are sometimes found in vegetable “sprouts.”

Microgreens are not sprouts.  They are not grown in a dark and wet environment so there is no risk from salmonella or e-coli.  Microgreens, as miniature plants, are inherently packed with the nutrition that mature vegetables have.  They are an important player in a nutritionally dense diet.  Microgreens offer a delightful variety of tastes, colors and textures by adding them to salads, wraps and sandwiches– or making them a complete salad by themselves.  Some varieties are very mild while others pack an intense flavor that makes a tasty addition to any sandwich or salad. They’re perfect as a quick topping for soups and casseroles.  Or sprinkle some on a pizza fresh from the oven!  And we often enjoy adding them to smoothies of all kinds.  Here are some recipes.

A black oil sunflower microgreen sample

A Black Oil Sunflower Microgreen

Our microgreens are grown with certified organic seed in organic compost.  Unlike most produce found in the grocery store, our greens are picked the day before market so you are getting their full nutritional value.  Simply wash them gently with a light rinse, just as you would any other produce.

Ask us about buying our microgreens locally through CSAs or local pickup.  If you’re a chef who understands the nutritional value and compelling visual presentation of microgreens as a part of your menu, see our “For Chefs page” for information on delivery and the live trays options.



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