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Grow your own nutritious microgreens at home with our kits.
And know that 50% of the profits from your purchase
will help us place a free kit in a child’s classroom.


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Many of our customers at various farmers markets have expressed an interest in grow-your-own microgreens kits.

Our kit contains everything you need to successfully grow your own microgreens in your own home. And you can grow successive crops with additional seeds and soil.  We’ll sell the kits at the farmers markets we attend (locations will vary by season) and you can also buy them online here on our site and they will be shipped to you.

Complete instructions come with each kit, plus a password-protected Growers Only Area where there’s also a forum to get more detailed hints, and answer any questions you may have.

Your purchase of a Microgreens Grow Kit will help young school children learn where their food comes from.
Because we’re committed to sharing good nutrition with as many people as we can and, because we know that children often don’t have access to good food, we will put aside 50% of the profit from each kit sold toward donating a free kit to a primary or middle school classroom.  Our goal is to acquaint children of all ages with good tasting, naturally grown foods before the fast food world claims them for good.

Know that the full 50% will go to the children.  There are no hidden administrative fees or gimmicks on our part.  And you can keep track of where your contribution goes: we will publish an ongoing list of the schools and classrooms that receive our kits.

Jackie delivered her first free kit!
On July 27, 2016 we awarded the first free Microgreens Grow Kit to Justin Hollifield, who teaches kindergarten at Greenlee Primary School in Spruce Pine, NC.  Justin was nominated by one of our regular farmers market customers.  Anyone who buys a kit is also welcome to nominate a teacher.  That person’s name will go into a pool and drawings will be held.

Free micgrogreens kit awarded to teacher

Justin Hollifield teaches kindergarten at Spruce Pine (NC) Primary School

Free Kit Recipient at the 2016 Southeast Farm to School Conference
We awarded a free kit to a teacher at the September 23-24 Growing Minds Southeast Farm to School Conference in Greenville, SC.  We met many dedicated educators and program administrators who are passionately involved in teaching children about wholesome foods, organizing the programs and both growing and preparing the food for them.  Several people are taking our kits back to their classrooms and, as a result of their purchases, we were able to present a free kit to one of the attendees.  Here’s our blog post about the conference.

Free microgreens grow kit awarded at 2016 Farm to School Conference

This teacher won a free Microgreens Grow Kit at the 2016 Farm to School Conference in Greenville, SC

Free Kit For Spruce Pine, NC Montessori Teacher
Alexandria Ravenel, Upper Elementary Lead Teacher at The Spruce Pine Montessori School, was awarded a free Grow Kit on the recommendation of a student’s mom.  A photo is coming soon.


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