My All Natural Garden Produce Is Available at Winter, Spring Markets

We’re now able to share with you some of the produce from our own garden during the winter and spring farmers markets.  This gorgeous salad blend has been very popular so I’m making an effort to provide these varieties whenever possible. No pesticides, no fertilizers– just compost and spring water.

salad mix

Click to enlarge and savor the colors and textures of Jackie’s …Naturally Salad Blend.

Salad Blend – – $6.00 per bag.

The blend contains the following:

  • Bloomsdale & Yukon Spinach
  • Red Russian & Lacinato Kale
  • Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch & Red Romaine Lettuce
  • Swiss Chard
  • Beet Greens
  • Claytonia (Miner’s Lettuce)

Red Russian Kale – – $5.00 per bunch

Southern Giant Curled Mustard – – $4.00 per bunch

Microgreens – – $5.00 per small container & $8.00 per large container

Celebrated Local Potter Reveals Other Talents

Bakersville, NC potter Robbie Bell, owner of Speckled Dog Pottery, has other talents as well.  Robbie is an incredible chef and we were delighted to supply microgreens for one of his recent dinners.  The Panzanella Salad pictured below was just one of many delectable dishes that delighted the evening’s guests.  Panzanella is a popular Tuscan summer salad incorporating fresh summer tomatoes and chunks of soaked bread.  Here, the salad has mushrooms and our microgreens top the salad as a delightful and nutritious garnish.  Encore, Robbie!


Robbie Bell’s Mushroom and Tomato Panzanella with Microgreens and Shaved Parmesan



To Market, to Market . . .

salad mixWe’re heading to the Spruce Pine, NC farmer’s market today with our usual nutritious microgreens and some salad mix and other baby greens as well!  Eat local whenever you can and, by all means, eat organic!  This lovely salad blend was just harvested yesterday but I have picked salad for my own eating pleasure and had leftovers in the fridge that were still fresh and crisp two weeks later!  What does that tell us about the junk that sits around on the grocery shelves after being shipped thousands of miles from where it was picked???


Microgreens Ravioli by The Salted Ravioli Company

Mike and Lisa from The Salted Ravioli Company have used our microgreens in their first River Arts District Farmers Market “Ravioli of the Week.”

Ingredients include our Balanced Blend microgreens, honey from the Asheville Honey Company, ricotta cheese and toasted walnuts. Their new creation goes on sale at the River Arts District Farmers Market on Wednesday, June 8.  They plan to offer a different ravioli creation each week, using fresh ingredients from a RAD vendor.

Ravioli with microgreens, rocotta, honey, walnuts.

Photo courtesy of The Salted Ravioli Company

We had already tried their butternut squash ravioli, with spinach and walnut, at home and it was a delightful taste–  something completely new to us and a good experience.  My spring garden greens were coming in and I felt adventurous, so to honor this unusual ravioli I decided to opt out of the traditional italian marinara sauce.  I experimented with a kale sauce and as you can imagine it was quite a visual and taste departure from the norm.  Paired with a colorful salad from our garden– harvested only a half hour before– and a workmanlike merlot, the ravioli was delicious.

Salted Ravioli Company microgreens pasta mix

Photo courtesy of The Salted Ravioli Company

We dined at the patio table, surrounded by the solitude of forest greenery and wild songbirds.  It was the end of the work day and life was good.

Mike and Lisa have created an exceptional niche with this handcrafted product for discriminating diners, and we’re going to be hearing more about them!


Contact The Salted Ravioli Company:
Lisa:  954-658-8343
Mike:  954-303-2963