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Our delicious microgreens are now available several ways:

  • From November 5 through mid-December, let’s meet at the Yancey County Farmers Market indoors at the Burnsville Town Center.  Hours are from 9 am to 1pm.  The address is 6 South Main Street, and here is a Google Map.
  • From spring to fall, stop in at the Yancey County Farmers Market in Burnsville, NC every Saturday from 8:30 to 12:30.  Directions?  Our little side street off the Town Square doesn’t appear in Google Maps.  So we hacked a Google map and added the market area. Here it is.
  • We can also arrange standing orders for delivery to your local food co-op, club or organization.  Simply get several interested individuals or groups together and contact us to arrange your standing orders.

balanced-blend-in-containerTo give you the full benefit of our microgreens’ tremendous vitality, we pick, pack and make them available to our customers within 24 hours. There are several ways we can get our nutritious microgreens to you while they are still bursting with fresh-picked goodness.

Balanced Blend Microgreens — Our Signature Product

Although we are more than happy to grow a wide variety of microgreens for our commercial customers, for our local customers in Bakersville and surrounding areas of Western North Carolina, we sell exactly the same blend that we grew for our own personal consumption.

In our desire to combat a few health issues without drugs or surgery, one of the first things my husband and I did was to grow and consume our own sprouts. After several episodes of moldy, evil smelling sprouts we looked around for another, safer, nutrient dense food and discovered microgreens. After extensive research, we settled on the blend that we currently sell because of the well rounded punch of nutrients and phytochemicals and – of course – taste!

Our Balanced Blend Microgreens is a blend of the following:

  • Black Oil sunflower – a complete protein with all necessary enzymes (particularly important for vegetarians)Sunflower and pea shoot microgreens
  • Red Russian kale and DiCiccio broccoli – for intense levels of vitamin A and C and the formidable anti-cancer properties found in the DIM (diindolylmethane) in these greens
  • Daikon radish – for liver and gall bladder support and for cleansing the blood
  • Dwarf Gray pea shoots – for vitamins A, C and folic acid and to add a touch of sweetness to the blend and
  • Garnet amaranth – for its high lutein content

While all vegetables and all microgreens are excellent sources of the nutrients we need for optimum health, we like the combined taste and powerful punch of vitamins and phytonutrients found in our unique combination of microgreens and we hope you will too.

We use only certified organic seed and grow only in organic potting soil or compost.  Our clamshell containers are made from biodegradable biopolymers– plants, not petrochemicals.  They’re reuseable, recyclable and compostable.  Here’s more info from the manufacturer.

Local Bakersville, NC Pick Up
Order your microgreens by becoming a standing order customer. (To arrange pickup at a farmer’s market, please call us for an updated list of where to find us).  Two sizes are available – Please note that we only grow what we can sell. For new customers, it may take 2 – 3 weeks to grow your first order. After that initial waiting period, we’ll plant enough to ensure availability every week for your standing order.

Co-op Delivery
If you are interested in forming a local co-op in Mitchell, Yancey or Buncombe Counties we can arrange delivery to you there.  One person can pick up orders for everyone in their area on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and deliver to local patrons.  Please call or email if you are interested.


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